Mikael Schnitt

 Mikael Schnitt, Chief Intendent

Finnish and international art, furniture, 18th and 19th century silver, Russian art, Old Masters, insurance assessment, estate distribution, home visits by appointment

+358 400 405 548
[email protected] 

Kasper Hagelstam

Kasper Hagelstam, Intendent

Finnish and international art, furniture, silver, design, home visits by appointment  

 +358 50 5826 203
[email protected] 

Jaakko Nieminen

Jaakko Nieminen, Intendent

Finnish art, design, silver, glass and porcelain, numismatics, jewellery

+358 40 6798612
[email protected]

Tero Metsärinta

Tero Metsärinta, Intendent 

Finnish and international art, design, silver

+358 40 6798611
[email protected]

Jaakko Nieminen

Tuomas Rossi, Intendent

Finnish art, weapons, design, silver, glass and porcelain

+358 40 6798613
[email protected]

Joel Sjögren, Intendent

Military objects (e.g. orders, course badges, documents, uniforms, swords, bayonets and helmets)

+358 (0) 9 6877 9923
[email protected]