Hagelstam & Co art auctioneering began in 1979 with Wenzel Hagelstam's passion in art, antiques and collectables. W. Hagelstam's Auctions became a household name in Finland. Wenzel's ground-breaking thought was to create a place to trade art and antiquities in a personal manner, and during the years the initial functions have been developed.

Auctioneering branch increased its clientele and in 1986, while the address Bulevardi 9 begun to signify art auctions in general, the firm name was changed to Bulevardi's Auctions. Wenzel Hagelstam acted as the CEO and the number of employees grew significantly.

In 1991 the name was changed further to Hagelstam Fine Art Auctioneers, while also the international art, particularly Russian, begun to appear in auctions. Mikael Schnitt was appointed as the CEO, and Wenzel Hagelstam continued as the Chairman of the Board.

Wenzel Hagelstam

Apollo Auctions, the branch office concentrating in more attainable objects and art as well as design, was established in 2011. In its premises in Tehtaankatu, buyers have get used to making monthly valuable finds and interesting investments, while Hagelstam provides fewer international auctions.

In 2013 Hagelstam Fine Art Auctioneers and Apollo Auctions integrated into Hagelstam & Co, with all functions under the same title. With the recent development in the art market, including the special auctions like Russian art auctions, photographs and marine items, the business has grown into an intriguing possibility to invest in antiques and broaden the sense of collectables.

Today Hagelstam & Co provides leading specialist services in sublime design, valuable antiquities and classic and modern art. More than 10 000 objects are being sold yearly, while the annual turnover is ca 5MEUR. The company employs 15 specialists at the moment. The CEO is Mia Okko-Koskinen. 

During the autumn 2013 Hagelstam 2nd School was launched, providing a lecture series on art market and the business of collecting. Hagelstam & Co will continue to take forward auctioneering in Finland, exactly in the manner of its founder over 30 years ago: skilled, innovative and service-oriented. 

Welcome to Hagelstam & Co!