May 23rd, 2019 at 5 pm

Hagelstam Auctions was founded in 1979 and has since then focused on conveying and selling objects of art in all its forms. The largest category today is painted art, but also e.g. design, sculptures, furniture, silver, jewellery and militaria  are popular.

Today Hagelstam & Co is Finland's leading art auction house that sells art on a monthly basis, achieving  record prices, but also offering objects for very affordable and competitive prices. We are located in Helsinki at Tehtaankatu 27 and 36. Welcome!

NB! Week 22 special opening hours:
Thurs, May 30th (Ascension day) Closed
Fri, May 31st Closed 

Upcoming Auctions

  1. Kuukausihuutokauppa A212

    11.06.2019 15:00

  2. Kuukausihuutokauppa A213

    12.06.2019 15:00

  3. Modern T123

    13.06.2019 15:00